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I. The Siege of Kohima – Stalingrad of the East (1944)

By House of History

One of Japan’s last offensives during the Second World War was Operation U-Go. In March 1944, over 80,000 Japanese soldiers under the extremely aggressive general Renya Mutaguchi crossed the Indian border. They rapidly advanced on the British strongholds of Imphal and Kohima. What followed was nearly three months of siege and, consequently, deplorable living conditions for both the Allied and Japanese powers. The battle of Kohima and the simultaneous Battle of Imphal saw troops from both sides suffer inhumane, horrid conditions. It earned the Battle of Kohima the nickname: “Stalingrad of the East”. Eventually, an Allied breakthrough was forced with a curious tactic involving the slope of a hill, a tank, and a hail mary of crashing through the Japanese lines of defence.


II. Brutal Experiments by Japan – Unit 731

By History Hustle

The Nazis were not the only ones to conduct experiments on human subjects for the development of biological and chemical weapons. Learn more about the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731.


III. Concentration Camp Dachau – The First Concentration Camp of Germany | Documentary

By SandRhoman History

Concentration camp Dachau: The concentration camp Dachau was the first concentration camp of Germany. The establishment of the concentration camp Dachau is usually considered one of the Nazi regime’s vital steps toward the Final Solution. During the camp’s existence many prisoners were killed, deported and humiliated. Here the infamous Nazi prison guards made their first appearance, along with cruel human experimentation. The inmates were forced on so-called death marches, which meant they had to walk until they died. The USA liberated Dachau in 1945.


IV. 7 Extraordinary True Stories From WW1

By SideNote

8 lesser-known stories (or facts) from the history world war 1, one of which is how Siam (now Thailand) participated in the great war.


V. Medieval Science – Medieval Astronomy

By Quill & Ink History

In this video, we’re going to continue to cover the intriguing history of science in medieval Europe by covering the history of medieval astronomy. This includes discussions regarding the movement of the planets, the relationship between science and Christianity as well as discussions concerning whether the earth itself could be said to be moving. I hope you will learn something new about medieval history and the history of science from this medieval science documentary series.